Phobic: Modern Horror Stories

Edited by Andy Murray

Where does fear lurk in 21st century life? In a technological age hardwired to keep information flowing and the unknown at bay, what irrationalities still linger for horror writers to tap into? This anthology - the first in a new series from Comma - offers 15 very different responses to the question. From ancient curses kept alive in internet chat-rooms to malevolent children's TV characters acquiring lives of their own, Phobic shines a torch into the unlit areas of the modern subconscious and suggests the more we know, the more we realise how worried we really should be.


"A stunning collection that could give you goosebumps even in the height of summer."
- Leeds Guide, 13 June 07 Read review.

"A rewarding anthology"
- The Guardian, 16 June 07 Read review.

"An effective collection"
- The Independent on Sunday, 24 June 07 Read review.

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1 Mar 2007