Beta-Life: Short Stories from an A-Life Future - Summerhall, Edinburgh

17 Apr 2014 - 8.00PM - 8.00

Artificial life (A-Life) is becoming increasingly important, not just to scientists, but to the wider global community. The growing challenges we face (energy, the environment, a changing demographic profile...) will require inherently inter-disciplinary strategies. A-Life and unconventional computing technologies will play an important role in addressing these issues. Comma Press in conjunction with TRUCE have coordinated a series of collaborations between scientists and literary authors to explore what A-Life and unconventional computing will mean to ordinary people in 2070. Join Sarah Schofield, Robin Yassin-Kassab, and Prof Martyn Amos to hear their thoughts.

Presented by Comma Press, as part of The Reading Experiment.

Visited the Edinburgh Science Festival website for more info.