Beta-Life: Book launch at Manchester Science Festival, followed by drinks reception

23 Oct 2014 - 7.00PM

Join Ra Page (editor), Prof Martyn Amos (editor), Professor Susan Stepney and award-winning writer Adam Marek as they discuss their collaborative approach to exploring the future of artificial life in this fascinating new anthology of stories. A drinks reception will follow.

Artificial life (A-Life) is becoming increasingly important, not just to scientists, but to the wider global community. A-Life and unconventional computing technologies will play an important role in addressing the growing challenges we face (energy, the environment, a changing demographic profileā€¦). Comma Press, in conjunction with TRUCE, have commissioned a series of short stories, written collaboratively by literary authors working closely with scientists to explore what A-Life and unconventional computing will mean to ordinary people in the year 2070.

3.11 MMU Business School, All Saints Campus,

Oxford Road, Manchester

7pm Free entry, no need to book

Drinks reception to follow The Business School is behind All Saints Park on Oxford Road.