Dark Matters: A night of short fiction inspired by John Stewart Bell and CERN

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19 February 2024

The Great Hall, John  Bell House, College Square E, Belfast BT1 6DJ

About the event

Celebrating Belfast's most famous physicist, John Stewart Bell (1928-1990), tonight's event explores the life and legacy of the great CERN physicist and his relationship with the city, through fiction, biography and... a little bit of science. Bell, who hailed from modest roots in Belfast, paid his way through college (in the very building this event takes place in!), and eventually established himself at CERN where he worked on particle accelerators. There, as a side hustle to his day job, he developed a theory ('Bell's Theorem') that changed the way we think about quantum mechanics and ultimately proved the great Albert Einstein wrong! Tonight Belfast-born author Lucy Caldwell reads from her short story in Collision, a new book of short stories celebrating the physics of CERN, while Dr Michael Davis talks about his own journey as a physicist from Belfast to CERN, and Bell's biographer, Professor Andrew Whittaker shares insights about the great man's life and work.