Indie-pendence Day at Writing on the Wall

20 May 2017 - 1.00PM - 6.00

Indie-pendence Day at WoWFest 2017, a day devoted to exploring independent publishing, new platforms in the digital age, and options for writers – to self-publish or stick with the ‘old guard’.
The real world is fighting back against the digital onslaught, books, like vinyl, are making a comeback – can the new age of digital really be faltering already? Recent reports in The Bookseller show that, of the big publishers, only one has reduced in size than before digital. Yet for many writers and publishers digital is a lifeline, allowing small publishers to establish a foothold and for writers to get their work to audiences when mainstream publishers won’t pick them up.
Should authors embrace digital, and in the process wrest control of publishing from the ‘old guard’ – isn’t mainstream publishing still predominantly by middle aged upper-class white men, or does digital, self-publishing, lead to a deterioration in quality, with self-published authors admitting they won’t pass the test of the big publishing houses?
Indie-pendence Day, with unique insights from leaders in the field including head of Inpress Publishing Sophie O’Neill, will explore all these issues and offer writers practical support and advice through panels, workshops and one-to-one mentoring. Her keynote address will be 1-1:30pm

The indies are gathering in the NorthWest. The legendary Comma Press will be joined by new kids on the block, Dead Ink and the amazing, London-based gal-dem, a creative magazine (online and in print) comprising over 70 women of colour. Join Comma’s Director Ra Page, Dead Ink’s Creative Director Nathan Connolly, and gal-dem assistant Arts & Culture Editor Mariel Richards, who, along with Inpress’s Sophie O’Neill, will discuss the recent upsurge in independent publishers and ask whether they can mix it with the big guns of publishing.

See for a full run-down of the day including self-publishing, writers' marketplace and more!

Venue: Black-E, 1 Great George St, Liverpool L1 5EW
Date: Saturday 20th May
Doors open: 12.30pm 
Time: 1pm
Tickets: £6/£3

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