Irish Premiere of 'Possum' at Galway Film Fest

11 Jul 2018 - 1.00PM - 9.99

A film based on the short story 'Possum' by Matthew Holness taken from the Comma collection The New Uncanny.

Philip is a children’s entertainer with a troubled past. Together with Possum, the hideous hand puppet he keeps concealed inside a black leather case, he returns to his childhood home compelled to confront his demons. Staying with his cruel stepfather, Maurice, Philip soon discovers that ridding himself of Possum is no easy task. When his attempts to destroy the demonic puppet fail, Philip suspects Maurice of manipulating Possum to cause him further fear and distress. As their relationship rapidly deteriorates, repressed memories of a traumatic childhood start to resurface as Philip becomes convinced that the malicious spirit of Possum is haunting him. Desperate to regain control, Philip burns his puppet, laying the demons of his past to rest. Or so he thinks…When a local child goes missing, a paranoid Philips believes the malevolent Possum has once more come to life. But when the police suspect him of the crimes, Philip is forced to confront the nightmares of his childhood, leading him to hunt down the real monster now preying on the town. Uncovering dark secrets from his own past, Philip discovers that the real demon lurks much closer to home.

Director Matthew Holness
Cast Sean Harris, Alun Armstrong, Simon Bubb
Script Matthew Holness
Producers James Harris, Mark Lane, Robert Jones
Year 2018
Country United Kingdom
Duration 90 mins

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