M John Harrison: You Should Come With Me Now at Waterstones Bath

16 Nov 2017 - 6.15PM

Winner of the Arthur C. Clark Award, the Philip K Dick Award and the James Tiptree Jnr Award, M. John Harrison is arguably Britain's greatest living Science Fiction writer. Master of the New Wave - the 60s/70s movement in the genre that brought sophisticated literary techniques to SF - Harrison was one of the chief architects of that school of writing alongside J.G. Ballard, Michael Moorcock, Brian Aldiss and Christopher Priest.

As a Fantasy writer he has no peer - inheritor of Mervyn Peake's crown, he is, in the opinion of many critics, the originator of what is now known as 'The New Weird', his superb "Viriconium" stories and novels subverting Sword & Sorcery and Dying Earth motifs peopled with strange characters trapped in a strange world they never made.

His mainstream novel 'Climbers' is the only novel to ever win the Boardman Tasker climbing literature prize, expressing his interest in the interactions between character and landscape (he has long been a dedicated rock climber).

Harrison's short stories run the gamut: from observational comedy to subtle ghost stories, from tales of cosmic entropy, their evocative settings and realistic charcters entrance - readers in Bath are still talking about the magnificent reading he gave of "Egnaro" at the Bath store in 1989.

Iain M. Banks described the first volume of his 'Kefahuchi Tract' trilogy as "Brilliant." Like Banks, his work is admired by readers of both general fiction and genre fiction.

M. John Harrison is also one of The Guardian's preeminent critics and reviewers. Come along to hear M. John read from his new collection, You Should Come With Me Now, which will be published by Comma Press in October.