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28 March 2024

Online, Zoom

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About the event

The Northern Fiction Alliance represents thirty northern fiction publishers of innovative, diverse and forward-thinking novels and short story collections. After the popularity of our in-person social, we have decided to hold an accessible social online.

We LOVE booksellers, librarians and book bloggers. Your reviews and recommendations make the success of our books possible. So how can we work together better?

At this Manchester social, publishers Fly on the Wall Press, Comma Press, Dead Ink Books, And Other Stories, Salt and Saraband, will present their latest 2024 book proofs and run giveaways.

We see this as an opportunity to make connections and chat about our favourite books - and perhaps organise future interviews, podcasts or event collaborations!

So if you're a podcaster, a instagrammer, book tokker, or book-pusher (hello libraries and bookshops!) and you are interested in boosting independent northern publishing across your channels, we'd love to have you.

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If the ticket you would have applied for is sold out, please do not select a category which does not apply to you Instead, please email with your relevant social media handles and website to be added to our list manually. Eventbrite only allows so many sign ups!
Please note, we'd classify a book influencer as a book reviewer, who offers impartial and unbiased reviews, and has a blog or a social media site where they share these reviews. Preferably you will have been reviewing books for over a year.
This is NOT an event for getting into publishing as a career.
This is NOT an event for authors wanting to find a publisher.
This is NOT open to publishers outside of the Northern Fiction Alliance.
You cannot turn up without a ticket or confirmation via email that you are on the list.