Online Horror Short Story Course with Andy Murray - SOLD OUT

25 Mar 2021 - 7.00PM

Venue: Zoom (free video conferencing platform)

Time: 7:00-9:00pm 

Price: Full price places are £150, bursary places (for single-parent and low-income or Greater Manchestr-based authors, limited numbers) are £75.

Attendees must pay for full course - individual course units not available separately. 

Dates: Six workshops, held fortnightly, to enable you to complete writing assignments:

25th March

8th April

22nd April

6th May

20th May

3rd June

Tickets can be purchased directly from Comma Press, email for details. 

Booking deadline: 10th March 2021


This course is about the short story …

Over the course of 6 workshops, you’ll get a handle on the predominant narrative structures and techniques used by short story writers, and implement them in your own work, including how to improve the characterisation, dialogue, and narrative voice. 


There's an extremely rich history of the horror short story. The form, with its inherent claustrophobia, intensity and gift for narrative tricks, is a perfect match for the genre. In this course we'll be examining some classic examples from this history, unpicking how they work and looking at how these techniques can be used to unnerve the contemporary reader.


Comma Press is one of the UK's leading short story publishers and we are always looking for new voices in the form, we hope our courses will unearth and develop contenders for future projects and imbue you with the confidence to progress in your writing career.

What you need to be familiar with …

You don’t necessarily need any practical experience of writing stories, nor of supervised creative writing of any kind, but it’s important that you have an interest in, and enthusiasm for, the short story form. To get the most from the course, you should be prepared do some background reading, undertake writing tasks between sessions, read the work of others on the course prior to each session, offer tactful – yet frank – feedback, and receive constructive criticism on your own work.

What we won’t cover …

This isn’t a course devised to help you write a novel, a novella, poetry, micro-fiction, or biography – it’s all about the short story, which presents its own specific demands and opportunities to writers (for the avoidance of doubt, short stories typically weigh in at somewhere between 1500 and 8000 words long, for the purpose of this course we will be looking at stories up to 5,000 words long).

Equipment you’ll need …

A computer and internet access at home. We will be using Zoom for the classes and Slack to share and discuss work between classes. Both are easy to use and available for free.

About the Tutor:

Andy Murray is a writer and journalist based in Manchester. He edited Comma's first modern horror story anthology, Phobic, and has written biographies of British television scriptwriters Nigel Kneale and (with Dr Mark Aldridge) Russell T Davies. Formerly the programmer of the Darkness Over Britain strand celebrating British film and TV horror at Manchester's Cornerhouse arts centre, he's now a regular contributor to Big Issue North, Northern Soul and We Are Cult. He also teaches Film Journalism at the University of Salford and the University of Manchester.  



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