Pathways into Publishing

Manchester City of Literature Festival of Libraries

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25 June 2022

The Portico Library, Manchester 

About the event

At the Portico we are passionate about literature, sharing ideas and growing a love of reading, and writing from a young age. We are excited to be hosting free events for young people to showcase the pathways into publishing to get you excited about a potential career in publishing, writing, and illustration.  

Those who think a career in books might not be for them may discover they are surprised as publishers disclose the range of roles on offer, booksellers highlight the extent of their activities, writers share how they make a living by creating stories, a world-touring comedy duo showcase the secret of 35 years of continued collaboration, and an illustrator reveals how they went from scribbling on bedroom walls to illustrating award winning books. As if that isn’t enough, there are also workshops to help you find your voice and navigate your way.


Why are Northern publishers essential


Why are Northern publishers essential? 

The Northern Fiction Alliance – Award winning risk takers who love words. Publishers of fiction, short story, poetry, non-fiction, memoir and translation. Meet Kevin Duffy, co-founder of Bluemoose Books, (a ‘family’ of readers and writers we’re passionate about the written word and stories and use innovative marketing tools.) Sarah Cleave of Comma Press, (specialising in the short story and fiction in translation, devised to identify cutting-edge (often marginalised) voices from across the world. Adam Lowe of Peepal Tree (international writing from the Caribbean, its diasporas and the UK) and Ellie Croston of Saraband (outstanding fiction, absorbing nature writing, pressing environmental issues and compelling memoir)