Resist: Stories of Uprising at Hay Festival

30 May 2019 - 1.00PM - 8.00

Bidisha, Eley Williams, Zoe Lambert and Ra Page

We live in a golden era of protest. From the anti-gun rallies in the US to the March of Return demos in Palestine, people are taking to the streets and standing up to governments that have fallen out of step with the popular mood. Resist is the second installment of a series of commissions challenging authors to reimagine key moments of British protest through fiction, while working closely with historians, crowd scientists and eye-witnesses to maximise their historical accuracy. Bidisha reimagines Boudica’s revolt against the Romans; Eley Williams rewrites the Rebecca Riots. All these stories offer a grassroots perspective on very hard-won grassroots progress. 

Venue: Hay Festival Foundation Stage

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