The Cuckoo Cage at Edinburgh Book Festival with Courttia Newland

14 Aug 2022 - 4.15PM - 14.00

Sunday 14th August 2022 | 16.15-17.15 | Northside Theatre 

Tickets are £14 and will go on sale on Thursday 23rd June and will be available to purchase here.


Courttia Newland will discuss After That, Is This his story from The Cuckoo Cage joining Sequoia Nagamatsu and Alex Pheby to reimagine resistance in literature. 


Sequoia Nagamatsu’s debut How High We Go in the Dark shows us a world changed by plague – and humanity’s unending will to survive. The Cuckoo Cage, which Courttia Newland contributed to, follows a statue-toppler from Bristol, giving a new take on the superhero genre. In Malarkoi, Alex Pheby takes us to the shattered remains of Mordew, where defiant power lives in the city’s slums.