The Cuckoo Cage at WOMAD (World of Words Pavilion)

31 Jul 2022 - 4.00PM

with Courttia Newland, Irfan Master & Bidisha hosted by historian Kartina Navickas

This book is what happens when you team up 12 authors with 12 historians with expertise in historical protests…a collection of stories with modern day superheroes rooted in radical protest history.  We are joined by authors Courttia Newland, Irfan Master and Bidisha to talk about the superheroes they created and where they got their historical inspiration from.

Our printed programme doesn’t have much space so probably only fits the title of the session, but our Festival App, free to download, will have the descriptions and a photo of the front cover.  We don’t have anything for “Colision” yet so if there is a front cover that would be great.

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