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27 September 2023


About the event

The Northern Fiction Alliance is thrilled to announce the launch of The Green Book Fair, a pilot online book fair that offers a new, environmentally responsible way for international publishers to conduct business. This ACE-funded initiative is set to take place online from Wednesday, September 27th to Friday, September 29th, 2023.

Unlike traditional fairs, such as Frankfurt and London, The Green Book Fair takes a bold step towards environmental sustainability by embracing a fully online format. By doing so, it aims to reduce carbon emissions associated with travel while prioritizing daring, independent-minded, and literary publishing. This pioneering event will provide a dynamic platform that fosters meaningful connections and exchanges within the global publishing community.


Wednesday 27th September 2023            Pre-arranged 1-2-1s

Plus open panel:

Utopian Eco-narratives: a new story for climate change in publishing - Adam Cooper and Sarah France      10.00am - 11 am

Launch Meeting - Zoom


Thursday 28th September 2023 Networking and showcases

After each showcase, there will be break-out rooms for networking and rights-based enquiries. 


Australian and New Zealand showcase: 9am - 9.50am UK Time

  • 9 AM Nick Tapper, Associate Publisher presents titles and rights available from Giramondo Publishing (AUZ)
  • 9.10 AM 5ever (NZ) presents titles and rights available
  • 9.20 AM Dead Bird (NZ) presents titles and rights available


10.00am- 12.00pm UK Time

Northern Fiction Alliance Showcase 

  • 10 AM Dead Ink Books, Liverpool UK presents titles and rights available
  • 10.10 AM Honford Star, Stockport UK
  • 10.20 AM Fly on the Wall Press, Manchester UK
  • 10.30 AM Carcanet, Manchester UK
  • 10.40 AM Comma Press, Manchester UK
  • 10.50 AM Valley Press, Scarborough UK
  • 11 AM Bluemoose Books, Hebden Bridge UK
  • 11. 10 AM Saraband, Salford UK




Spanish showcase

Blackie Books presents their titles and rights available


2pm - 2.30pm

Johannesburg Showcase

Jacana Media presents their titles and rights available



French Showcase        


James ELLIOTT (Rights Director – Non Fiction & Illustrated books) Presenting their Green Lifestyle and Self Help titles


Rights Manager: Margherita Giubelli Bortolami presents titles and rights available


END OF DAY           

Key Features of The Green Book Fair:

Virtual One-to-One Meetings: At the heart of The Green Book Fair lies its extensive networking opportunities. Publishers, audio and film/TV producers, and other intellectual property (IP) buyers will have access to a hive of one-to-one meetings conducted virtually. This format ensures efficiency and convenience while maximizing the potential for fruitful collaborations.

Global Publisher Networks: The fair will showcase the collective strength and diversity of independent publisher networks worldwide. A wide range of independent publishers will be invited to host introductory sessions and drop-ins, providing valuable insights, contacts, industry trends, and networking opportunities for participants.

Focus on Literary Innovation: The Green Book Fair is committed to celebrating and promoting bold and independent literary publishing. Through curated sessions, panel discussions, and interactive seminars, participants will delve into the cutting-edge ideas, emerging trends, and creative processes that define the future of literature. The aim is to inspire publishers and authors to push boundaries, nurture fresh voices, and explore new horizons within the literary landscape.

Sustainable and Accessible: By eliminating the need for physical travel, The Green Book Fair significantly reduces its carbon footprint while ensuring that participants from around the world can join without geographical constraints. The fair is dedicated to creating an inclusive and accessible platform that embraces diversity and fosters connections between publishers and literary professionals across borders.

The Green Book Fair is poised to be a game-changer in the publishing industry. By offering a sustainable and immersive experience, it enables the exchange of ideas, the forging of meaningful partnerships, and the celebration of literary innovation. UK and international publishers are invited to take part in the fair on September 27th-29th for an unforgettable event that will shape the future of publishing and propel the literary world into new and exciting territories. To get involved, please contact