Thought Experiments at Bluecoat, Liverpool

16 Dec 2015 - 6.00PM

Join us for a preview event for our new 'Science into Fiction' title, Thought X. Writers and scientists have been commissioned to collaborate on new short stories that explore the great 'what if's' within physics - The Thought Experiment. Devised by scientists as a way of conducting an experiment to test the limits of a theory without actually having to conduct it, the scientific Thought Experiment shows that, contrary to popular belief, science is NOT averse to story-telling, the power of the imagination, or the creative possibilities of the 'what if'.  

We'll have a reading from one of Comma's most successful authors, the award-winning Adam Marek, who 'll be reading his story from the collection. We're very lucky to be joined by leading physicist, Tara Shears, who has spent her career investigating the behaviour of fundamental particles and the forces holding them together. She currently works on a project taking place in CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. Editor Ra Page will host the event and lead the discussion. 

The project is supported by the Institute of Physics.

Wednesday 16th December, 6pm

The Bluecoat

School Lane

Liverpool, L1 3BX


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