Thought X event with Cafe Scientifique

23 May 2017 - 6.00PM

Time: 6pm-8pm
Venue: Zochonis Building, Brunswick Street, University of Manchester, M13 9GB

Cafe Scientifique is a place where anyone can come to explore the latest ideas in science and technology. Meetings take place in cafes, bars, restaurants and even theatres, but always outside a traditional academic context. It is a forum for debating science issues, not a shop window for science, committed to promoting public engagement with science and to making science accountable.

At this event, Chair Bo Yao will be in conversation with Dr. Rob Appleby, Sarah Schofield and Claire Dean, contributors to the recently released Thought X anthology. Thy will be reading extracts from their stories and afterwords, inspired by thought experiments and discussing the fusing of science and fiction in this genre-bending collection. Sure to be an engagin event for fans of science fiction with an interest in the wider scientific theories explored in the book.