What is Indie Publishing? at Bradford Literature Festival

25 Jun 2022 - 12.30PM - 7.00

Kevin Duffy, Ra Page, Habiba Desai, Sara Razzaq
Saturday, 25th June 2022 | 12:30 pm - 1:45 pm
The Dye House Gallery, Bradford College   
Writing & Publishing   

With so many potential publishing options available today, it’s difficult to know what’s best for your book – but help is at hand!

How do ‘mainstream’ and independent publishing differ, and how might an author’s publishing journey be different depending on the nature of the publisher (whether indie or not)?

Our panel, featuring Kevin Duffy of indie publisher Bluemoose Books, Comma Press Editor Ra Page, and Habiba Desai and Sara Razzaq of Fox & Windmill will explore how independent publishing compares with more traditional routes, and how you can make the right choice for your manuscript.

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