COURSE: Writing Magical Realism and Fantasy Short Story Writing

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13 May 2024


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About the event

Online Course: Writing Magical Realism and Fantasy Short Story Writing with Dr Rachel Grosvenor

About the course:

This is a six-session online course running from May 2024. Over the weeks, we will dig deep into the world of writing magical realism and fantasy, learn how to balance worldbuilding and narrative, create a realistic magic system, and more. We will consider magical realism and fantastical writing in short and long form, what might need to change and adapt for each, and how you can move forward in your writing career after the course, as well as publishing your best story in a Comma Press ebook.

By the end of this course, you will:

- Understand the difference between magical realism and fantasy writing.

- Know how to distinguish between story view and world view.

- Be able to introduce your reader to a fantastical world without info-dumping.

- Have the knowledge to create a magic system.

- Understand how to weave chosen themes, voices, and tones through your stories.

- Plot for long and short-form storytelling.

- Know what to look for when editing your work.


Session One – 13th May 2024

The world of Magical Realism and Fantasy writing:

• What is Magical Realism and Fantasy?

• Key elements, characteristics, case studies.

• Inspiration and the role of magical realism in storytelling, and researching reality for fantasy.


Session Two – 27th May 2024


• Story view vs world view.

• Culture vs Geography.

• When, where, and how to introduce the reader to your world.


Session Three – 10th June 2024

Magic and reality:

• Creating a magic system (in the real world and beyond)

• Encouraging your reader to believe in your creation.

• Balancing the real and the fantastical.


Session Four – 24th June 2024

Your story:

• Developing your fantastical writing style – theme, voice, tone, and point of view.

• Finding an idea and expanding on it.

• How to weave themes into a narrative.


Session Five – 8th July 2024

Characterisation and plot:

• How the two work together.

• Narrative structure for short and long-form fantastical writing.

• Creating fantastical short stories.


Session Six – 22nd July 2024

Crafting, editing, and sharing your work:

• How to give and receive feedback.

• What to look for when editing.

• Questions for future and current projects.


About the Tutor:

Dr Rachel Grosvenor is a critically acclaimed fantasy author, editor, and writing coach with a PhD, MA, and BA in Creative Writing. Her debut novel, The Finery (Fly on the Wall Press), was featured in the Guardian’s best fantasy round-up in August 2023, and she has had short stories published across literature reviews and anthologies worldwide. Rachel has taught and lectured in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham, for Birmingham City Council, and at various literary establishments (such as Katherine Mansfield’s House, New Zealand). With a passion for educating writers using a skills-based feedback approach, she has helped many authors tell their stories and find their readers.

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