WRITING ON THE WALL FESTIVAL: The art of the SF short story - HG Wells and HP Lovecraft

26 May 2016 - 7.00PM

Morphologies Masterclass: HG Wells and HP Lovecraft

Writing on the Wall in partnership with Comma Press and Bluecoat, bring you the latest in the Comma Press Morphologies series - a specially commissioned set of lectures on the masters of the short story by contemporary practitioners. This year the focus is science fiction, with leading British Sci-Fi author Stephen Baxter talking about the short stories of H.G. Wells, and Liverpool-based horror writer, Ramsey Campbell, talking about an author who managed to successful cross-breed horror with science fiction, the legendary H.P. Lovecraft.

Stephen Baxter has published over 100 SF short stories, several of which have won prizes, including three Analog Awards, two BSFA Awards and a Sidewise Award, as well as award-winning novels and non-fiction. He is President of the British Science Fiction Association, and a Vice-President of the H.G. Wells Society.
Ramsey Campbell has been described by the Oxford Companion to English Literature as ‘Britain’s most respected living horror writer’. His many award-winning novels includeThe Face That Must Die, Incarnate, and The Overnight (PS Publishing). He reviews regularly for BBC Radio Merseyside.

Venue: Bluecoat. School Lane, L1 3BX
Date: Thursday 26th May 
Time: 7pm