Comma launches new 'Northern Fiction Alliance'

Comma Press is thrilled to announce it will be be awarded a new ACE International Showcasing grant, to launch a new alliance of Northern Publishers.

Our Project

With the awarded money, we propose to take 4 independent Northern publishers - Peepal Tree Press, And Other Stories, Dead Ink, and Comma Press - to a number of international book fairs (Beijing, Buenos Aires, New York, Frankfurt) under the group identity of the 'Northern Fiction Alliance'. Here they will showcase and sell the work of several exciting and diverse authors to help build the cultural identity of strong British writing as well as British publishing based in the North. The project will culminate in a showcase at Frankfurt Book Fair in 2017 where each publisher in the alliance will bring an author to engage in events in and around the book fair. 

The Northern Fiction Alliance 

The Northern Fiction Alliance will be a structured, scalable and measurable action to showcase northern indie writers to the international publishing market – growing audiences, forging trade partnerships, generating new revenue streams, and situating the North of England as a vibrant global hub of literary publishing. 

The Purpose

Rights sales – whether in translation, into other English-language territories, or into new formats – are at the heart of international writer-development. Selling rights gets authors’ work into the hands of new readers generates revenue (both for them and their publishers), and opens-up new international opportunities for touring, festival appearances, and media work.

Independent publishers traditionally find it harder to sell international rights because they lack the contacts, global reputation, and logistical infrastructure. We will level the playing field, with the provision of global exposure to selected Northern Fiction Alliance authors and collective rights representation for northern publishers. 


A big congratulations to the other 8 successful applicants: Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival (North), In Between Time Productions (South West), International Curators Forum (London), Jazz re:freshed Ltd. (London), Nofit State Community Circus Ltd (Midlands), NTS LIVE LTD (London), Speaking Volumes (London) and This is Wyld (South East). 

More about the Alliance in the Bookseller.