Comma Press to only translate authors from 'banned' nations in 2018

Well the news is out - in 2018 we will only translate authors from nations 'banned' by President Trump's recent executive order, otherwise known as the #MuslimBan

We have decided to feature on our translation imprint only writers from the countries affected by the ban – Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, and Yemen.

Our CEO Ra Page told the Guardian about our decision: “If the only narrative America wants to export right now is the narrative of hate, then we need to look elsewhere. We need to consciously turn our backs on the circus that America is descending into,” he said. “We need to fight this. And make no mistake it will be a fight.”

We choose to stand in solidarity with a number of our writers who are directly affected by the ban, including all 20 contributors to two prose collections. Hassan Blasim, the Iraqi-born writer and broadcaster, is now unable to travel to the US, despite huge success there with his 2014 novel The Iraqi Christ.

You can read the full piece on the Guardian, which includes their chat with Anoud, who was featured in Iraq + 100

The Huffington Post also featured an article about our announcement, speaking to Ra about our decision to 'forgo American titles in favour of Arabic writers, writers of Muslim heritage and refugees' - "There is a world beyond our friends in America, and we need to turn around and listen to it, give it a platform, hear its stories.” 

Stay tuned for more information and announcements.