Iraq + 100 on BBC World Service, BBC Arabic and more

It seems a strange coincidence that a weekend of back-to-back interviews, events and promotions for Iraq + 100 should be followed on Monday morning with the news that Mosul, Iraq's second largest city, is being stormed in an attempt to drive out ISIS, who have held the city since 2014. It goes to show, however, that the call for speculation upon which Iraq + 100 is based - 10 Iraqi writers were posed the question: what will Iraq look like in 100 years time? - is warranted, and that the future of the country can change dramatically, a day at time.

Editor and Independent Foreign Fiction Prize winning author Hassan Blasim joined the Comma team for the week to promote Iraq + 100, speaking to BBC Arabic and BBC World Service whilst he was here, and causing a twitter storm in the process. With nearly 150,000 impressions on Twitter in over 24 hours, the first ever anthology of science fiction from Iraq has gained wide-spread public and press attention, and has even caused us to open up pre-orders for the book ahead of publication. Make sure that you follow our Twitter page @commapress for all the latest updates! Want to know what all the fuss is about? Pre-order the book here

BBC Arabic conducted a live on Facebook with Hassan Blasim at London Literature Festival on the 15th October: WATCH HERE (in Arabic)

Listen to Anoud and Hassan Blasim discuss science fiction in Iraq on the World Service:

The eBook is available to buy now! Follow this link to purchase it on Amazon Kindle, Kobo coming soon.