OFFICIAL UPDATE: 'Book of Gaza' Event

The Book of Gaza author, Nayrouz Qarmout ,was unable to fly to the UK yesterday because her visa to travel through Israel to reach her flight in Jordan has yet to be approved. Due to appear at Bradford Literary Festival, SOAS in London, and York University for the event 'The Book of Gaza: Life and Literature on the Strip', it has now meant that we have had to rearrange or cancel each event. Despite this, we are attempting to fly Nayrouz to the UK on the 7th June for 3 days (depending on her Israeli visa of course).

21 May & 8 June - Liverpool

The event in Liverpool will be going ahead, in protest of her absence and a gesture of solidarity with all Gazans who face endless red tape when attempting to travel. There will be videos of authors Nayrouz and Mona reading from 'The Book of Gaza' and also a discussion about Palestinian literature and what it is like for UK publishers to work with authors in Gaza. Depending on her flight in June, there will also be an informal event taking place on 8th June when people can meet Nayrouz in person, details to be confirmed. 

9 June - York 

The Writers at York event has been postponed until 9th June, and the new venue and time are listed here. 


Unfortunately we have had to cancel the Bradford Literature Festival and SOAS events. We have worked for months to bring Nayrouz Qarmout to the UK and it is with deep regret that we have had to make these changes in the book tour. Hopefully Nayrouz's amended travel plans will be more successful.

It is a shame that Nayrouz, as a Gazan citizen, does not have the freedom to leave her country without almost insurmountable levels of scrutiny and endless bureaucratic procedures, including the fact that the borders to the Strip are rarely open, and passage through them heavily compromised. The frustration at our end is only a drop in the ocean of what Palestinians endure every day, so it is in this light that we will try to be positive about the situation and hope that supporters of the book are able to attend the events that are going ahead. 

We would also like to say a huge thank you to the organisers of these events and festivals who have been kind enough to plan events with us, when the situation has always been one of uncertainty. Heartfelt thanks- and we hope to work with you again in the future.