'Science-into-Fiction' Competition Launched

#ShareYourThought Competition Launched Now!

Since 2009, Comma has been coordinating a series of science-inspired short story commissions, inviting authors and research scientists to collaborate on stories around particular areas of technology, theory, treatment or science history. As a form, the short story has always allowed authors to venture out from their comfort zones and to experiment with new techniques, new themes and new contexts. The Science-into-Fiction series is designed to exploit this 'portability' of the short story, enabling literary authors to consider new areas of scientific thinking in a way that is both informed and engaging. So far, the project has produced five anthologies, pairing writers with scientists to produce scientifically accurate stories accompanied by short, explanatory afterwords, written by the consulting scientists themselves and contextualising the research behind the stories: 

   When it Changed, 2009 - a collection of short stories responding to a diverse pool of modern research, from skin-printing to intelligent clothing...
   Litmus2011 - which re-imagined breakthroughs and 'eureka moments' from science history;
   Bio-Punk, 2012 - which examined biomedical research and ethical implications of such research,
   Beta-Life, 2014 - which focused on artificial life and unconventional computing, and imagined what these will mean in the year 2070.
   Spindles, 2015 - which focuses on the new science of sleep (supported by The Wellcome Trust).
   Thought X, 2017 - a literary exploration of thought experiments and their role in science, supported by the Institute of Physics. 

To mark the release of our newest instalment, Thought X: Fictions and Hypotheticals, we're offering readers the chance to win the entire anthology backlist!

Once you've got your own copy of Thought X, all you need to do is tweet or instagram us a photo of your copy (and yourself if you like!), tagging us @CommaPress and also using the hashtag #ShareYourThought.

We'll be announcing the winner on the 26th May, one month after the book's release, so there's plenty of time to get reading and posing.

Featuring the likes of Deborah Levy, Maggie Gee, Frank Cottrell Boyce, KJ Orr, Martyn Bedford, Adam Roberts, Ian Watson and many many more incredible authors and scientists, this is an opportunity not to be missed!