Sema Kaygusuz Named Laureate of Prestigious Friedrich Rückert Prize 2016

Turkish author, Sema Kaygusuz has been honoured with the reputable title of laureate for the 2016 German Friedrich Rückert Prize. 

Awarded every three years, this literary prize was founded in 1963 on the 175th anniversary of the poet and Orientalist Friedrich Rückert (1788-1866). 
The aim of the prize is to build bridges between cultures, to create an inter-cultural dialogue through world literature; previous winners have included: orientalist Hartmut Bobzin, children's author Paul Maar, and translator Albert Theile. 

According to critics, who judged the prize on her work that had been translated in German, Sema's work presents important multicultural themes, religions, and socio-political occurrences. Last year, Comma published a collection of short stories by Sema:

The Well of Trapped Words

translated by Maureen Freely

This collection encapsulates the mystical, political, highly charged writings of Kaygusuz and we are delighted that her role in literature has been noted with such a distinguished award.