Two Silver Bears for '45 Years'!

Charlotte Rampling and Tom Courtenay win Best Actress and Best Actor awards at this year's Berlin Film Festival.

This news comes as a triumphant outcome after the building anticipation that was stirred up by critics last week who hailed it as one of the standout films of the entire festival; the Daily Telegraph giving it five out of five stars, and the Guardian choosing it as critic’s choice of the festival.

Full coverage in the Hollywood Reporter and Berlinale website.

It was also, at one stage, in the running for the Best Picture Award.

'45 Years' is based on a David Constantine short story 'In Another Country' first published by Comma is in Under the Dam.
Don't wait for the film to come out, read the book now!

Praise for 45 Years:

‘45 Years... at the time of writing, is unlikely to be surpassed as this critic’s film of the festival. An exquisitely wrought, ineffably tender study of a pension-age marriage in silently dignified crisis.’
Guy Lodge, The Guardian

The 65th Berlin film festival shaped up as a dead heat Saturday, with break-out talents looking well placed to pip cinema heavyweights.’
Deborah Cole, Business Insider

‘The film, based on a short story by David Constantine, is composed with rigour and exactitude and performed with a repressed, heartfelt passion.’ Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian