Project Brief: RESIST


(Not covered in Part 1)
(by invitation only)

Caratacus, 50 AD
Consultant: Prof Richard Hingley

Bouddica, 61 AD - TAKEN
Consultant: Prof Richard Hingley

The Prayer Book Rebellion, aka the Western Rebellion, Devon & Cornwall, 1549.
Consultant: Dr Mark Stoyle (tbc)

The Enslow Hill Rising (aka the Oxfordshire Rising), 1596 - TAKEN
Consultant: Prof John Walter

The Covernanters
            Jenny Geddes, and the Prayerbook Riot (aka the St Giles Cathedral riot), 1637.
            Marion Harvie alleged gunpowder plot  (executed,1681)
            The Wigtown Martyrs (aka the Solway Martyrs) - Margaret Wilson and Margaret McLachlan, 1685 - possibly taken.
Consultant: Dr Mark Jardine

The Levellers, 1645-69
Consultant: Dr Ted Vallance

The Wellingborough Diggers, 1660
Consultant: Prof Anfrew Bradstock

The Food Riots of the 17th Century, including:
            the Tyne Riot 1709, the Falmouth Riot of 1727, The Gloucestershire Food Riots of 1766, The Tewkesbury Bread Riot of 1795
            and the Brown Bread Act riots of 1800.
Consultant: Professor John Bohstedt

Consultant: tbc.

Consultant: tbc.

Consultant: tbc.

Peterloo, 16 August 1819
Consultants: Dr Robert Poole & Prof John Belchem

The Cato Street Conspiracy, 1820 - TAKEN
Consultant: Prof. Malcolm Chase.

The Swing Riots, 1830
Consultant: Dr Carl Griffin

The Bristol Riots, aka The Queen Square Riots, 1831
Consultant:  Dr Steven Poole

The Merthyr Rising, 1831 - TAKEN
Consultant: Dr Stephanie Ward, tbc

The Tolpuddle Martyrs and the first Union, 1833 - TAKEN
Consultant: Prof Malcolm Chase

The Newport Rising (and Chartism) 4 November 1839
Consultants: Prof Malcolm Chase & Prof Rohan McWilliam

Caroline Norton and the Campaign for Custody of Infants, 1836-39 - TAKEN
Consultant: Dr Ben Griffin

The Rebecca Riots, -, 1843 - TAKEN
Consultant: Rhian E Jones

The Plug Riots, aka the General Strike of 1842
Consultant: Judy Cox

The Great Chartism Meeting of 1848, Kennington Park
Consultant: Dave Steele

Manchester mill-hands vote to support Lincoln's embargo on cotton from the Confederate South
Consultant: tbc

Highland Land League - rent strikes and land raids (1880s)
Consultant: tbc

Bloody Sunday / Unemployment Riots, Trafalgar Square et al, 1887
Consultant: Prof Rohan McWilliam

Dockers Tanner, aka the London Dock Strike, 1889
Consultant: Prof Keith Laybourn

Suffragette disruption of the Free Trade Hall ILP meeting, 1905
Consultant: Jane Purvis tbc

The Second Highland Land League (1909) and land raids after the First World War
Consultant: tbc.

Black Friday (Suffragettes), 18 Nov, 1910
Consultant: tbc.

Red Clydeside, 1910-1930 - possibly TAKEN
Consultants: Prof Bill Kenefick & Dr Jim Philips

Liverpool General Transport Strike, 1911.
Consultant: Dr Mark O'Brien

Consultant: tbc.

Leith Docker Strike, 1913
Consultant: tbc.

Burston Strike School, 1914-1939
Consultant: Shaun Jeffery

Easter Rising, 1916
Consultant: Prof Fearghal McGarry

Battle of George Square, Glasgow, 1919 - possibly TAKEN
Consultant: Dr Malcolm Petrie & Prof Bill Kenefick

The General Strike, May 1926
Consultant: Prof Keith Laybourn

National Unemployed Workers’ Movement, 1920s-30s
Consultants:  Dr. Matt Perry & Prof Keith Laybourn
Consultant: tbc

The Cutteslowe Walls dispute (Oxford), 1934-1958 - TAKEN
Consultant: tbc.

Battle of Cable Street, 1936 - TAKEN
Consultant: Prof Matthew Worley

Ellen Wilkinson  and the Jarrow March, October 1936
Consultant:  Dr. Matt Perry

(a worker controlled mill set up to support the republicans in the Spanish Civil war)
Consultant: Ross Bradshaw

Soldiers' Parliaments at end of WW2, 1944/5
Consultant: tbc

Seven Men of Knoydart (Scotland's last 'Land Raid'), 1948
Consultant:  tbc

Squatter Movements: After WW2
Consultant: Phil Cohen (tbc)

Notting Hill riots, 1958
Consultanst: Prof Ashley Dawson, Dr Marika Sherwood, & Kenny Monrose

Bristol Bus Boycott, 1963
Consultant: Madge Dresser

Alan Horsfall & the CHE
Consultant: Dr Harry Cocks

Squatter Movements: 1960s
Consultant: Phil Cohen tbc (one of the squatter leaders)

Consultant: tbc

Ford Dagenham Women's Equal Pay Strike, 1968 - TAKEN
Consultant: tbc.

Lilian Billocca an Hull's Triple Trawler Tragedy, 1968
Concultant tbc.

The First National Women's Liberation Conference, Ruskin College, 27 Feb-1 March, 1970
Concultant tbc.

Bloody Sunday (Bogside Massacre), 1972
Consultant: Prof Ian McBride

Freedom of Information vs The Official Secrets Acts: the ABC Trial
(being Aubrey, Berry, Campbell).
Concultant tbc.

Grunwick - Women's Pay Protest, mid 70s
Consultant: Dr Sundari Anitha


Alternative England and Wales, Nicholas Saunders et al, late 70s
Consultant tbc.

Southall Riots, 1979 and the Death of Blair Peach 
Consultant: Lindsey German

The 'Persons Unknown' Trial aka Anarchists Trial, 1979-80
More here and here.
Consultant tbc.

St Paul's Riot, Bristol, 1980
Consultant: Dr. Roger Ball 

Concultant tbc.

Consultant: Dr Roger Ball, plus others

The Viraj Mendis Defence Campaign, 1986
Consultants: various.

Strangeways Prison Riots, 1990 - TAKEN
Consultant: Dr Eamonn Carrabine

Anti-Roads Movements
           Newbury Bypass & M11 link road
           Twyford Down
Consultant: Dr. Chris Cocking & Alex Pows, respectively

Liverpool Dockers Strike, 1995-98
Consultant: Mike Carden (tbc) & Mike Morris/Greg Tomlinson

The Ploughshares - Seeds of Hope / The Warton Four / Hawk ground-attack jet sabotage.- TAKEN
                             Loch Goil Action and Greenock Trident
Consultants: Angie Zelter & Jo Blackman

Gate Gourmet Dispute, 2005 - TAKEN
Consultant: Dr Sundari Anitha

Occupy Movement, and Occupy London, Oct 2011 - Jun 2012 - TAKEN
Consultant: Dr Samantha Fletcher

Mark Duggan Riots, 2011 - TAKEN
Consultant: Dr. Roger Ball 

Menie vs Trump, 2010-2016.

'Justice for Grenfell'/'Radical Housing Network' Kensington Town Hall Protest, 16 June 2017
Consultant: tbc.