Agnieszka Dale

Agnieszka Dale is a Polish-born London-based author. 

Her short stories and poems were selected for 'Tales of the Decongested' (2005), 'The Fine Line Short Stories Collection' (2011) Liars' League London (Feb 2013) BBC Radio 4 (Sept. 2015) and BBC Radio 3 (Jan. 2016). Her flash fiction 'Short Circuits' is published on .Cent Magazine’s website. 

In 2013 she was awarded the Arts Council England TLC Free Reads Award. Her story 'The Afterlife of Trees" was shortlisted for the 2014 Carve Magazine Esoteric Short Story Contest and longlisted for the Fish Short Story Prize 2014. 

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Polish and British writers journey into the heart of darkness that is Europe to write responses and meditations on Conrad’s writing.