Annalisa Bruni

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Annalisa Bruni is a Venetian writer. She has published four collections of short stories: Storie di libridine (Edizioni della laguna, 2002), finalist at the 2003 Settembrini-Regione Veneto Prize; Altri squilibri (Other Imbalances, Helvetia Edizioni, 2005); Della felicità donnesca e altri racconti (Of Female Happiness and Other Stories, Nova Charta, 2008); and Tipi da non frequentare (Guys Not to Hang out With, Cleup, 2013), Tipe da frequentare (ma per quanto?) (Women to Hang out With – But for How Long?, Cleup, 2016), Anch’io mi ricordo. Tra Venezia, Mestre e dintorni (I Remember Too: Venice, Mestre and Around, Cleup, 2019), Langenwang, ovvero il disastro della puntualità (Langenwang, or the Disaster of Punctuality, with Stefano Pittarello, Cleup, 2015), Skyline (Cleup, 2020). She has also written radio plays broadcast by RAI, Italian Swiss Radio, Croatian National Radio and Czech Radio, and has taught creative writing since 1998.

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