Annie Clarkson

Annie Clarkson is a poet and short fiction writer living in Manchester. Her first poetry collection Winter Hands was published by Shadow Train. Her short fiction has been published by Comma (in Brace, Litmus, Lemistry, Spindles, and the forthcoming Thought X and The Mirror in the Mirror), Flax Books and in various literary magazines. She is currently working on her debut short story collection for Comma.

Anthologies featuring Annie Clarkson


Organ-playing wunderkinds, poets on government re-employment schemes, unlikely celebrity party guests…

Thought X: Fictions and Hypotheticals

An anthology of specially-commissioned stories exploring thought experiments and their use in science to crack fundamental problems.


British and Polish novelists join screenwriters, poets, computer engineers, and artists, to celebrate and explore Lem’s legacy through short stories and essays.

Litmus: Short Stories from Modern Science

This anthology draws out and distills science’s love of narrative from a wide range of scientific disciplines, weaving theory into very human stories, and delving into the humanity of theorists and experimenters as they stood on the brink of momentous discoveries.

Spindles: Stories from the Science of Sleep

Short stories informed by explorations of the science of sleep