Bronka Nowicka

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Bronka Nowicka is an interdisciplinary artist, a Doctor of Fine Art and a writer and a lecturer at the National Film School in Łódź. Her literary work has been published by Znak, (Poland), Književna smotra, Sic (Croatia), Literatūra ir menas (Lithuania), Seedings (the USA), Poetry Wales and Modern Poetry in Translation (UK). She has presented her visual works, among others, at the Susanne Burmester Galerie in Germany, Trubarjeva Hiša Literature in Slovenia and Kunstnernes Hus in Norway. She has won the Nike Literary Award and the Złoty Środek Poezji (Golden Mean of Poetry) Award for her book To Feed a Stone. In 2017, she became a laureate of the New Voices From Europe project, carried out as part of the Literary Europe Live platform and offering support to outstanding European writers after their debuts.

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