Cesar Cardaso

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Cesar Cardoso was born in Rio de Janeiro in 1955 and is an author, poet and humorist, as well as a writer for TV, including the programmes TV Pirata (TV Pirate), A Grande Família (The Big Family), and the sitcom Sai de Baixo (Get Out of the Way). He has also written for the magazine Caros Amigos and the newspapers O Pasquim and O Planeta Diário. He has published three books with children’s publisher Biruta including O Que É Que Não É? (What is it that isn’t?), Você Não Vai Abrir? (Aren’t You Going to Open It?) and Quem Pegou Uma Ponta do Meu Chapéu de Três Pontas que Agora Só Tem Duas? (Who took a point from my hat that had three points and now has two?). His other books include Capoeira Camará, ‘Highly Recommended’ by the National Children-Young Adult Book Foundation, Você Pensa Que Água é H2O? (You Thought Water Was H20?), and the short story collection As Primeiras Pessoas (The First People). His stories have also featured in the anthologies A Polêmica Vida do Amor (The Troublesome Life of Love), É Assim que o Mundo Acaba (This is How the World Ends), and Para Copacabana, Com Amor (For Copacabana, with Love), all published by Oito e Meio.

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