Daniel Chavarria

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Daniel Chavarria was born in Montevideo, Uruguay, in 1933. He lived in Cuba for over forty years and considered himself a Cuban. Although prolific and diverse in his output, he was perhaps best known for his detective and thriller novels, set against the backdrop of various political events. His novels included: Joy (1978, Cuba); Una Pica en Flandes (2006, Cuba); Viudas de Sangre (2004, Cuba); El Ojo de Cibeles (Letras Cubanas, 2012, Cuba), La Sexta Isla (new edition, Capitan San Luis, 2012, Cuba). His many literary prizes included: the Literature Cuban Nacional Prize and its equivalent in Uruguay, the Bartolomé Hidalgo Prize, in 2010, as well as the Casa de las Américas Prize and the Hammet (United States) for the best detective novel of 2014 - Allá ellos (1991, Cuba). In 2005, he won the Edgar Allan Poe Award (presented by the Mystery Writers of America) for the novel Adiós muchachos (1994, Cuba). He also won the Camilo José Cela (Spain) in 2003, and the Casa de las Américas (2000) and the Alejo Carpentier Prize (2004). On 6 April 2018, just as this book was being sent to print, Chavarria passed away.

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