Domingos Pellegrini

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Domingos Pellegrini was born in Londrina in the South Region of Brazil in 1949 and writes short stories, novels, poetry and YA fiction. From a young age, he heard many stories told by the customers in his father’s barber shop and his mother’s guest-house. After graduating as an arts student, he later went to work as a journalist. He launched his first book in 1977, O Homem Vermelho (The Red Man), a collection of short stories which earned him the Jabuti Prize, one of the most important literary awards in the country. That same year, he launched a second short story collection, Os Meninos (The Boys). Other works of note include Terra Vermelha (Red Land), a colonial history of Paraná, and the novel O Caso da Chácara Chão (The Case of the Country Bungalow), which also received the Jabuti Prize. Besides fiction, Pellegrini also writes for newspapers and magazines, and works in advertising.

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