Eduardo Heras León

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Eduardo Heras León was born in Havana, Cuba, in 1940. He is a highly renowned Cuban writer, as well as a journalist and critic of literature and ballet. He holds a degree in journalism and philology and is the founder and director of the prestigious Jorge Onelio Cardoso Centre. He is a writer belonging to the Revolution generation, involved in and committed to the revolutionary process since 1959. His many books include: La guerra tuvo seis nombres (Unión, 1968, Cuba); Los pasos en la hierba (Casa de Las Américas,1970, Cuba); Acero (Arte y Literatura,1977, Cuba), Dolce vita (Unión, 2012, Cuba). He was awarded the National Literature Prize (Cuba) in 2014. Other prizes include: UNEAC 1983, and Casa de Las Américas Prize in 1970 for Los pasos en la hierba.

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