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Edurne Portela graduated in History from the University of Navarra and has a doctorate in Hispanic Literature from University of North Carolina. She is Professor of Literature at Lehigh University (Pennsylvania) and regularly publishes articles and essays as part of her research. Edurne has a Sunday column in El País, regularly participates in Radio Nacional de España and has collaborated with other media such as El Correo/Diario Vasco and La Marea. Her non-fiction works include Displaced Memories: The Poetics of Trauma in Argentine Women Writers. Her first novel, Mejor la ausencia, was published in 2017 and was awarded the 2018 Prize for the best fiction book of the year by the Gremio de librerías de Madrid. Her second novel, Formas de estar lejos, was published by Galaxia Gutenberg in 2019. Together with José Ovejero, she made the documentary Vida y ficción (2017).

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