Elisabetta Baldisserotto

Elisabetta Baldisserotto is a psychoanalyst and writer, who lives and works in Venice. In the non-fiction field, in addition to numerous articles in specialized magazines, he has published the monographs Read the feelings. A psychological and literary journey (Moretti & Vitali, 2011) and Figures of passion. Between psychoanalysis and literature (Vivarium, 2014). IAs for fiction, she has published the short stories A casa in M'ama? Mothers, mothers, stepmothers or not (edited by A. Bruni, S. Chemotti, A. Cilento, Il Poligrafo, 2008) and A human case in Ten small ignoble stories (edited by B. Graziani, Piazza, 2013). Her short story 'Carmen' was winner of the 2002 Pordenonelegge critics prize. She has also published the novels Dying is nothing (Cleup, 2015. Finalist of the 2018 Independent Yellow Award) and Beyond the Water (Cleup, 2017. Winner of the 2018 Independent Yellow Award). The final novel of the lagoon trilogy Hemingway's Glasses is in the process of being published.

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