Enrico Palandri

Enrico Palandri (b. Venice, 1956) is an Italian academic, writer and translator.

His early books (Boccalone 1979, Le pietre e il sale 1986 translated into English as Ages Apart, 1989) dealt with a partly biographical reflection on Italian political circumstances in  the 1970s (years in which Italy was marked by violent political contrasts). After his third novel (Le vie del ritorno, 1990, translated in German, French and English as The Way Back, 1993), Palandri explored storytelling in an unrealistic, fantastic mode (Allegro fantastico, 93). The two subsequent novels focussed on the themes of the crisis of historical perspective (Le colpevoli ambiguità di Herbert Markus, 1997), the existence/non-existence of time in physics and philosophy (Angela prende il volo, 2000), discrimination both within small groups (family, friends) and in a broader social arena (L’altra sera 2003, I fratelli minori 2010). 


Palandri latest novel was published in 2017 (L'inventore di se stesso). In between novels Palandri wrote essays of a theoretical nature. Some of these works were first gathered in a volume, La deriva romantica (2002)


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