Francisco López Sacha

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Francisco López Sacha was born in Manzanillo, Cuba, in 1950. He is a writer, essayist and teacher. He is editor of the literary magazine Letras Cubanas and a professor at the prestigious School of Cinema of San Antonio de Los Baños. He has been writing fiction since 1977 and in 1986 he published his first novel, El cumpleaños del fuego and a year later his first short story collection: La división de las aguas (Letras Cubanas, 1987, Cuba); the latter was awarded the Caimán Barbudo Prize. In 1988 he published a second collection of short stories, Análisis de la ternura (Ediciones Unión, 1988, Cuba). He has also published numerous collections of essays, including La nueva cuentística cubana (1994) and Pastel flameante (2006), and edited two anthologies of Cuban short stories: Fábula de ángeles: antología de nuevos narradores cubanos (1994), and La isla contada: el cuento cubano contemporáneo (1996), the latter having since been translated into Portuguese and Italian. He has been president of the UNEAC (Writers and Artists Union).

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