Gaia Holmes

Gaia Holmes is a young poet who mixes the urban with the exotic, with bulletins that cover everything from early morning buses to late night streets, postcards from the Orkneys to illustrations of small town life. Her poetry has appeared in Brando's Hat, Dreamcatcher, Mslexia, Pennine Platform, The Slab, Staple and The Yellow Crane as well as in two anthologies: Taste (ClanU) and You Can't Make a Hamlet Without Breaking Some Heads (Bluetouch).
She has two poetry collections ‘Dr James Graham’s Celestial Bed’ and ‘Lifting The Piano With One Hand’, both published by Comma Press. She is currently working on her 3rd which will feature poems about broad beans, orkney and sinkholes.
In 2016 she won the Bare Fiction Poetry prize for Guests, a category which was judged by Helen Mort.

Publications by Gaia Holmes

Dr James Graham's Celestial Bed

Dr James Graham's Celestial Bed marks the arrival of yet another great Yorkshire poet.

Lifting The Piano With One Hand

Yorkshire-born poet Gaia Holmes' much-anticipated second collection.

Where the Road Runs Out

Third collection from acclaimed contemporary female poet Gaia Holmes.