Guy Ware

Guy Ware was born in Northampton and studied English at Oxford. While completing a D.Phil. on William Blake he lived and worked with homeless ex-offenders, before training as a public finance accountant. He has published stories in anthologies from Comma (Brace), Apis Books (Tales of the Decongested; Desperate Remedies) Route (Ideas Above Our Station), Earlyworks and Leaf Press. He lives with his family in London.

Publications by Guy Ware

You Have 24 Hours to Love Us

Whether living under a totalitarian regime or simply getting through the day in a grindingly predictable metropolis, Ware’s characters struggle with the urge to redefine themselves, to start again, to reboot.

Anthologies featuring Guy Ware


Organ-playing wunderkinds, poets on government re-employment schemes, unlikely celebrity party guests…