Irina J. Davidenko

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Irina J. Davidenko was born in Russia in 1978, to a Cuban father and Russian mother. She moved to Havana in 1982 where she completed her education. Davidenko studied for a degree in Economics but after graduating in 2003 began her career as a theatre actress. She has been awarded several prizes for her acting as well as for her audiovisual work. She is the author of a number of plays as well as short stories. Her play Manada was performed by the company Rita Montaner (directed by Fernando Quiñones), and she is part of the group Teatro D’dos directed by Julio César Ramírez. She regularly publishes articles in theatre magazines, including Tablas and Conjunto. Together with other young writers she founded a creative writing group in Havana, and is currently writing a script for a workshop given by The Royal Court of London.

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