Muyesser Abdul'ehed Hendan

Muyesser Abdul’ehed Hendan is a poet, writer and educator. A native of Ghulja in the north of East Turkistan, Hendan completed a medical degree at Beijing University, followed by a master’s in University of Malaya. After relocating to Turkey in 2013, she resolved to focus on writing and teaching Uyghur language. Her debut novel, Kheyr-khosh, quyash (Farewell, Sun) is the first work of fiction to focus on the internment camps in East Turkistan.

Anthologies featuring Muyesser Abdul'ehed Hendan

All Walls Collapse

In an era in which more walls are being built than are being brought down, All Walls Collapse brings together writing from across national and linguistic borders, and reflects upon our relationship to walls, both real and metaphorical.