SJ Bradley

SJ Bradley is a writer from Leeds. Her short fiction has appeared in various journals and anthologies including New Willesden Short Stories 7, Queen Mobs, Litro magazine, and Untitled Books. Her first novel, Brick Mother, and her second novel, Guest, are both published by Dead Ink. She is the editor of the Saboteur Award-winning anthology  Remembering Oluwale, which is available from Valley Press

Her work as an arts organiser involves the non-profit literary social Fictions of Every Kind (now in its 7th year), The Northern Short Story Festival (now in its 2nd year) and the Walter Swan Short Story Prize.

She is also a teacher of creative writing including a previous short story writing course for Comma Press. She was writer in residence for First Story in Leeds East White Rose Academies Trust during academic year 16-17. 

She's on Twitter at @bradleybooks.

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Resist: Stories of Uprising

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