Tereza Nvotová

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Tereza Nvotová graduated in Direction from the FAMU film academy in Prague. Her feature debut Filthy has been screened at major festivals around the world including Rotterdam, Karlovy Vary, Cairo, and Santa Barbara. During its distribution Filthy took home more than 20 awards, making it one of the most successful Czech and Slovak films of the year. Tereza collaborates with various broadcasting companies, most notably HBO Europe which has co-produced her feature debut and two documentary films. Her latest HBO documentary The Lust for Power has been shortlisted for the European Film Academy Awards 2019. She is an alumnus of 2019 Berlinale Talents, and is currently working on her second feature, The Nightsiren, as well as the television mini-series Convictions based on the Cold War-era autobiography of Jo Langer.

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