Yvonne Hofstetter

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Yvonne Hofstetter is a jurist and essayist who began her career in information technology. In 2001, Hofstetter joined EXE Technologies, a company that optimised the value chains of internationally active companies with the help of artificial intelligence. After a company merger in 2004, Hofstetter left and took over the management of the German branch of an Irish fintech company that specialised in algorithmic currency trading. On the occasion of the 2008-2009 financial crisis, a management buyout took place and TERAMARK Technologies GmbH was founded in the north of Munich, a cognitive assistance systems company that Hofstetter managed until 2019. Hofstetter is a sought-after keynote speaker on the subject of digitalisation. She has published, in German, the bestsellers ‘They Know Everything’ (2014) and ‘The End of Democracy’ (2016). Hofstetter received the 53rdTheodor Heuss Prize in 2018 for her democratic commitment and for her work on artificial intelligence with guard rails. Hofstetter lives in Freising near Munich, and in Vienna.

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