The Book of Shanghai

Edited by Dai Conrong & Dr Jin Li

Once known as ‘the Paris of the East’, Shanghai has long been regarded as the cultural capital of China. The heyday of 1920s and 30s - with its extraordinary nightlife and violent underworld - may be a distant  memory now, in what has become the single largest city in the world (with over 24 million people and rising!), but Shanghai retains its reputation as a hotbed of artistic activity - the birthplace of Chinese cinema, animation, and C-pop (Chinese pop music).

Writing has always been an integral part of this identity, and here ten specially translated stories by some of the city's leading authors, remind us what it retains its ability to surprise. Set over the last 50 years of the city, and ranging from crime thrillers, to historical dramas, comedic interludes to SF visions of the city's future, these stories offer an insight into the cultures, customs and social make-up of the one of the most visited cities in the world.

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5 Mar 2020