The Book of Sheffield

Edited by Catherine Taylor

Known for both its industrial roots and arboreal abundance, Sheffield has always been a city of two halves. From elegant parks and gardens to brutalist high-rise estates and the hinterland nightclubs of ‘Centertainment’, it is a city caught between the forges of the past and the melting pot of the present.

Bringing together new short stories from some of the city’s most celebrated writers, The Book of Sheffield traces the contours of this complex landscape from both sides of the economic dividing line. From the aspirations of young creatives, ultimately driven to leave, to the more immediate demands of refugees, scrap metal collectors, and student radicals, these stories offer ten different look-out points from which to gaze down on the ever-changing face of the ‘Steel City’.



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Listen to contributors Helen Mort & Gregory Norminton on BBC Radio Sheffield (interview 1 hour in, broadcast 7th October 2019)

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Praise for the 'Reading the City' series:

‘Absorbing stories’ - New Statesman

‘Comma Press’s ‘Reading the City’ series is a revelation’ – Ian Sansom

‘Full of insights and surprises’ - The Guardian

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24 Oct 2019