Espionage! New Writers' Showcase theme is announced. Submissions now open!

In partnership with Creative Industries Trafford, we are thrilled to announce that submissions are now open for our next New Writers' Showcase!

The next Comma Press New Writers Anthology will present a new kind of challenge to emerging and previously unpublished writers. We want you to write a short story which centres on espionage. This is your chance to breathe new, contemporary life in to a genre which has is increasingly blighted by clichés and stereotypes. Comma Press have spearheaded a new wave of genre writing in the short story form; from updating the grand old tradition of the horror story with The Uncanny to putting the science back in to science fiction by partnering writers with scientists in Beta-Life, Litmus and Bio Punk.Now, in partnership with Creative Industries Trafford and ACE, we think it’s time to tackle the spy story with fresh new writers.

Full submission guidelines can be found in the Resources section of our website and the CIT website here:

Good luck!