The Comma Press Podcast launches to commemorate protest anniversary

On the 20th February, Comma will launch its brand new digital platform, Series One focuses on our best-selling Protest: Stories of resistance anthology, and episodes will feature the author and their historical consultant from the collection, alongside a third guest who will be connected to the cause or movement, either directly, or in a more contemporary way, and will be hosted by a Comma editor. 

The launch date (Wednesday 20th Feb) to coincide with the 31st anniversary of Manchester's Section 28 demo of 1988, when the community marched against the legislation which prohibited local authorities to 'promote' homosexuality. Episode #1 will discuss author Juliet Jacques' story 'Never Going Underground' set at the time of the march, with Juliet herself, sociology lecturer Em Temple-Malt, and poet and playwright Louise Wallwein, hosted by Comma's CEO Ra Page. 

Future episodes will look at other stories based on famous protests and their wider contexts, including the Battle of Orgreave and Enoch Powell's 'Rivers of Blood' speech. 

Comma are delighted to be able to bring its audience this new digital project, created to allow greater and deeper discussion into the stories we publish; whether that story is taken from one of our interdisciplinary collections, which involve authors working with scientists, historians, philosophers or crowd scientists, or whether we discuss one of our translated commissions from several countries across the globe. It is our hope that through this podcast, our readers will get a sense of how each story in question came to be - what influenced the writer, and the wider context that drives the themes, symbols and characterization of their tales.

The Comma Press Podcast will be available on iTunes, Stitcher, TuneIn and Soundcloud from the 20th February.